Indies of the Week #8 – Animated Indie Gaming Sunday

Get animated


Welcome to another indies of the week! Today’s theme is animated which indie developer has a unique art style and gameplay from cartoonish and anime-like.  Lets see what indies out coming out

5. Psycho Bob – Libeedo


This indie is a run n gun plaformer game, it also has co-op if you want to play with a friend. This game takes inspiration from Metal Slug, Max Payne and Contra along with Evil Dead. The graphic is 2.5D with 360 degree angle, rag-doll physics, is present in this game. You plat as a lobotomized lab monkey named Bob who is a gun towing, speaking of weapons you have rocket lanchers, shotgun and many more. You fight to hordes of clones and mutants. If you want a crazy run n gun this is for you.  Psycho Bob is in Steam Greenlight make sure you support it.

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4. Forts – EarthWork Games


This indie is a physics-based RTS game which you can build and destroy each other towers. It reminds me of Angry Bird but militarized, it features up to 8 player multiplayer with cop-op and  team death match. 28 mission single player campaign if you want to play alone. You can utilize editor mode which you can craft your fort with various materials and ten weapons. Unlockable tech-tree and three different factions (Eagle Empire, Dragon Army and Iron Bear Alliance) with different abilities. For mod player there is a support for it. If you want a tower defense indie this is for you. Forts will be available on April 19, 2017 on Steam.


3.  Saucer-Like – Fosfatina Ediciones

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This indie is a point and click game and it’s beautiful graphics as well. This kind of reminds me of an anime. You play as a young member of the clan of silent guardians and forest dwellers named Yanagi. Yanagi is taking action for his clan and  getting prep for a rutal which will change his left. The game feature an old-school style, 40 hand-drawn grounds with 2D animation. A deep storyline and moving soundtack which sets the tone for the game.   If you want a anime point and click this is for you. Saucer-Like is available now on Steam.


2. Streets of Rogue – Matt Dabrowski

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This indie is rogue-like game which gives the players a choice to do whatever they want. Also this is inspired by Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne and Deus Ex. You are play in a procedurally generated city and need to accomplish specific mission goals. There are character type you can choose from soldier, stealthy scientist, bartender, hyper-intelligent gorilla and 20 more . You can also as far as 600 hours and not get bored which is intense. There is 4 player local and online, you can do various activities such as Lead a gang, free slaves, drink beer, gib ghosts, become a vampire, shrink people and more. Use items such as Shrink rays, hypnotizing devices, boomboxes, bear traps, food processors, guns and more. If you want a anything goes indie this for you.  Streets of Rogue is available now on Steam and it’s Early Access Game.


1. Kio’s Adventure – Spacelight Studio

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This indie is a action-adventure rpg game, you take control of a high school girl named Kio who goes to another world after a eathquake which organs and monsters who wants to escaped. The game also has 16bit pixel art style and explore the stained  world. If  you want a bloody  adventure this is for you but if you not comfortable and feel uneasy it up to you.   Kio’s Adventure is available now now Steam.

That’s it for this week! Tune in for another Indies of the Week and make sure to check these indies out.



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