Indies of the Week #7 – ColorFul Indie Gaming Sunday

Beautiful colorful indie games


Welcome to another Indies of the Week #7, today’s theme is colorful, indie games that have color graphic and artistic styles. With further ado let’s get on with it.

Indie 4. Cosmic Express –  Cosmic Engineers


This is a cute indie game which you can construct train tack in space. You can choose different color schemes and  guaranteed to give you hours of frustrating fun across hundreds of levels (which the developers stated).  You control cute little aliens and colorful environments. If you want a cute  puzzle game this is for you. Cosmic Express is available now on Steam also visit the website for more info. Note: this game won awards for IMGA Global 2017, IndiePlus 2017, Indie Megabooth GDC 2017 and Google Play Indie Corner PAX 2016.

Indie 3. Keen – Cat Nigiri


This indie is a fast pace super slidey dungeon crawling puzzle action adventure indie game. You play as a grumpy little girl named Kim who is raised by her grandmother to save the world on her journey to stop an evil corporation from destroying her village. The gameplay is a turn-based which you can attack and move vertically and horizontally. There is 6+hours of content for  the full version, 20 enemies you have to face and get items and powers ups. If you want a hack n slash chess-like game support it on Steam for more info visit the website.


Indie 2. Mages of Mystralia – Borealys Games


This indie pay homage to fantasy genre and described as Legend of Zelda meets Harry Potter. You play as Zia, a young woman who discovers that she has been born with an innate sense of magic. You can discover and design spell (you get four spells) on your playstyle and modify different runes to create your own combinations. Note :bestselling author Ed Greenwood (creator of the Forgotten Realms ), Shota Nakama (Creator of Video Game Orchestra) and Dan Adelman  is involve in this game. If you want a magical indie game support it on Kickstarter, for more info go to the website.


Indie 1. Blazing Chrome –  JoyMasher


This game is a classic co-op run and gun indie game which is inspired by Contra (what a hard game) and Meal Slug. You play as two characters  Mavra, a human resistance soldier or Doyle,  a rebel robot.  You have power ups and plow through different enemies just  like the SNES days. If you want a old-school run-n-gun this is for you. Make sure you visit the website for more info on the game.


That’s all for today tune in for next week on Sunday and be sure to check out the previous posts. See you next Sunday and more sure to support indie and their creators.

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