Indies of the Week #31 – Comedic Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome indies of the week #31 this Sunday. Today’s theme is comedic. Indies with comedic tone and play style. People don’t have to be serious about indies. Indies  could make you laugh and cry as well. Let see what indies we got today.

4.  Plunge  – SpookyBuns

Plunge is an isometric turn indie game. Concept of the game is you play as Billy. Who’s trap inside infinite medieval prison and try to escape. Solve puzzles to defeat prison guards. Select 3 different character with unique abilities. Collect perks to enhance your skills and awesome comic book style graphics. Visit SpookyBuns website to get all latest updates for Plunge.

3.  Super Hyperactive Ninja – Grimorio of Games

Super Hyperactive Ninja is an fast-paced action-platformer indie game. Play as ninja named Kohimaru, who is last of the Coffee-Nin. Kohimaru must stop an evil shogun from stealing coffee from Kohinomura. Drink coffee to gain abilities but drains your stamina. Hyeravtive mode enhance your skills use it wisely. Two-player mode is in the game and speedrun friendly. Use item unlock hidden paths and secret modes. Guest characters are available in the future. Super Hyperactive Ninja demo is out now and make sure to support.

2. Galactagirl – Cosmic Crystal Games

Galactagirl takes inspired by NES Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden and Sonic the Hedgehog.  Galactagirl is on a mission to stop an invasion of the Galactic Homeworlds from Robot Racers. Galactagirl has skills such as wall jumps, target lock-ons, rail grinding, sliding and more. The game has retro style graphics with filters. Defeat bosses with Micheal bay explosions and particles. Galactagirl demo is out and make sure you support the developer.






1 .  Magic Scroll Tactics  – Wolfgame

Magic Scroll Tactics is an strategy role-playing platformer indie game. Magic Scroll is about building your army and defeating enemies. The game is in Japanese but translated by Wolfgame.  Buy equipment and items for each characters. Skill trees to enhance your character abilities. Demo is available and mark sure to support the developer.







That’s all for today and make sure to support these indies and developers. See you next Sunday on Indies of the week.

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