Indies of the Week #3 – Unorthodox Indie Gaming Sunday

Usually art and gameplay.


Welcome to another indies of the week! This week is theme is unorthodox which relates to the art direction and gameplay. Sorry I was missing a number but I am on the right now. There are some indies that need attention and what you should check out and support,  let’s get started on

5. Schwarzerblitz – Andrea “Jens” Demetrio


This is a indie fighting that’s written in C++ and runs on a engine called Irrlicht graphic engine.  This reminds me of the PS1 fighting game era with 3D polygon back in the early 1997. You have five button layout  Guard, Punch, Kick, Tech and Trigger, trigger is a one-button combo breaker and also lead to combos. There is impact blows which you can send the opponent flying and a fluid combo system which you can execute long combos. Where are 6 playable character with extended moveset (20 later), ring outs like Virtua Fighter with 9 stages and modded your own character.  If you love 3D ploygon fighting game this game is for you.  Schwarzerblitz is still in development and you can download the alpha here (make sure you read the instruction on how to make the game work) .

schwarzerblitz - fps_1 11_03_2017 21_40_00-7tgwixgg.png

4. The Tenth Line –  Sungazer Software


This indie is a platformer rpg style indie with turn-based elements. You play as a princess of a tiny nation who desperate to escape the clutches of a mysterious cult. You will meet other playable characters in your adventure.  In this game you can interact with locasl in a village such as take on quests,  playing cards and etc.  The combat system is putting in commands and plan your attack on your phase but if the enemy’s turn you have a opportunity to defend. There are items in the game and a power flow system which increase stats and unlock new skills. If you want a unique rpg platformer get this game. The Tenth Line is available now on Steam.


3. Tacopocalypse –  Cherry Pie Games

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This indie is a pro skater racing indie game, I am liking the style kind of reminds me of Crazy Taxi. All you have to do is deliver Tacos to the destined area or route, you can do trick with the car like Tony Hawk. You can earn cash and unlock cars, you play up to 3 of the friends locally and there are 4 maps in this game. The vehicles in this game is 90s inspired and make sure you avoid obstacles. Their is customization for your vehicles and your playlist. If you want a crazy racing game this is for you. Tacopocalypse is available now on Steam.


2. Moribund –  Traptics

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This indie is designed for  4-player local multiplayer and it’s a shooter so you need four friends. This game takes place in a post apocalyptic world, you have two firing modes is   immobilize the enemy and charge you harpoon. This game has single player mode with 15 challenges. Multiplayer has 80 levels and there is two game modes Free for all and Team battle. There is a eight player characters and stage interaction mechanics. If you want to play a indie with 4 of your friends then buy this game. Moribund is available now on Steam.


1.  Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King –  Castle Pixel LLC

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This indie is a action-adventure Legend of Zelda like game. You play as a Lily Knight of the Rose who wants to save here kingdom from darkness.  There is 15 hour of gameplay, you collect weapons, spells and items on your journey.  Where are 5 challeging dungeons with enemies and bosses.  Don’t forget about puzzles you have to solve in the game and also a fun storytelling.  If you want a color cute indie action- adventure game this is for you. Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King is available now on Steam.


That’s all for this week! Tune in next Sunday for more indies I might do some on the week like a usually do. Make sure you check out these indie and let me know what do think.

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