Indies of the Week #15 -Weirdness Indie Gaming Sunday

Being weird is cool


Hello indie gamers! Welcome to addition of Indies of the week! Today’s theme is weirdness, indie game intend to have wack character design and gameplay but it’s make it stand out for being a great game. That being said, let’s see what indies what have in-store today.

8. Undead Darlings – The Dungeon


This indie is a visual novel dungeon crawling game. You play as Reginald “Reggie” P. Happenstahnce and his journey to take the cure for the zombie plague. You meet undead girls as well, the features of this game are 20 huge floors to explore in a dungeon, get loot,  over 300,000 words of dialogue in the visual novel segment. There is 6 player characters to choose from, 9 endings and there is not store in this game sadly. As for combat, you get weapons, armor and items. Exploit multiple enemy weaknesses simultaneously, set up battle strategies with the Macro function and their is 50 hours of gameplay.  If you want a visual novel rpg support this game and check the website.



7. Thimbleweed Park – Terrible Toybox


This game is a indie point and click adventure, when I saw these two main character I through this reminds me of Twin Peak or X-Files.  Also I like the add that the people who created this game are Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick who created Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. In this game,  you play as 5 playable characters to solve a mystery and a joke every 2 minutes. You solve puzzles and you play in any difficulty casual or hard. If you want a old-school point and click game buy it on Steam.



6. Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover Island – Right Nice Games

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This indie is a 3D platformer and playing homage to games like Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter or Banjo Kazooie. You play as a anthropomorphic cat named Skylar and his companion Plux to save the planet from destruction from a robot named CRT. You travel to tropical beaches, volcanic caverns, snowy mountain tops, and merciless desert. Collect gadgets to defeat CRT army and rescue natives. Skylar got moves and skills such as Jet Pack, Magnetic Glove and Time Orb along with his mechanical arm, you can expand and upgrade it.  If you want a 2001 3D platformer inspired indie this game is for you and make sure you buy it on Steam. Check out the website for more detail.



5. Starflint – Stunmason Games


This indie is a point and click adventure, you play as two characters Trixie and Flint (you can choose which storyline based on what two character you choose). The game has puzzle solving with two possibilities and you are free to explore 8 various planets. There are main and side quests, note: this is not a episodic game which the developer stated. There is multiple endings, skits (like Tales of Series) and multiple langues. If you want a space point and click support this game on Kickstarter and download the demo.



4.  MidBoss – Kitsune Games

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This indie is a RPG where you possess your enemy and gain their strength. You play as the imp, the weakest monster in the dungeon who is tired of being builled by other monsters. With the help of is sidekick Mid you are on a journey to fight the final boss and take his place. The game features over 60 unique abilities, permadeath, randomized potions every game, loot crates and dynamic music system. You can do quick play for a shorter route or custom game create what game you want. You also acquire death cards which you can spend and customize your cards with unlockable themes. Note :beat the game and get a special card which unlocks a new game+ mode.  For retro fans there is 12 filters which you have to unlock and  multiple monitor support. If you want to make your RPG support, buy this game and check the website.

3. Walkerman – ScalemaiL

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This indie is a Adventure Game/Visual Novel about hunting  and defeating supernatural creatures such as vampires hates  garlic or  werewolves hates silver bullets. In this game you have to study the creatures and find out their weakness. The combat is a isometric, pseudo-board game in which the player selects actions from a list of options but i’s based on knownledge and items. You play as a walkerman named Jorgen a nineteen year-old that embarked on a journey upon a peculiar career of monster hunting. The game length is five hours with beautiful illustrations, If you want a supernatural visual novel buy this game and visit the website.


2. Black & White Bushido – Good Catch Games

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This is a indie 2D stealth-em-up arena brawler which revolves light and dark like Ying and Yang. In this game you can hide form you opponents but only in your color (kind of reminds of Splatoon. There is 1-4 multiplayer online and offline game like Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag and more. During the match their is dynamically changing arenas and their is a challenge mode to get a high score.  If you want a black and white arena brawler buy this game and visit the website.

1 . Blasphemous – The Game Kitchen


This indie is an action-platformer that combines the fast-paced, skilled combat of a hack-n-slash game I have to say this, “this is one of the best looking indie I ever seen”. In this game the combat is fast-paced with a Martyr’s Excommunication mode (which you are unstoppable. There are huge bosses to fight, weapons and items to collect and explore amazing handmade levels. The Game Kitchen also developed The Last Door make sure to check it out.  If you want a amazing looking pixel  art action-platformer support this game Kickstarter and check out the website.


That’s all for today and make sure you support these wonderful creators and developers. See you next Sunday for more Indie of the Week.

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