Indies of the Week #16 – Survival Indie Gaming Sunday

You have to survive in a dangerous world


It’s Sunday and welcome to another addition of Indies of the Week! this weeks theme is Survival, meaning in indies you are a character or group to fight for survival in a dystopian world and war. Let see what indies we have today:

Indie 8. Hanako: Honor & Blade – Mpactgames

This is a online multiplayer indie game, this kind of reminds you of For Honor with a Federal Japan twisted to it.  You can choose classes such as Swordsman, Naginatashi Pikeman, Ninja Assassin or Ite Archer. Each class type has unique abilities and combos for example multiple offensive stances. defensive techniques and acrobatic combos to multi-enemy sweeps to fire arrows. If you want a japanese style of For Honor support this game and sign up for the early access.

Indie 7. The American delta vengeance action blood force kill commando. – gamesthatcouldbeworse


This is a first person C64-pixel indie game.   Not much about this game but I liking it’s reminds you of MSDOS days. You play as Commando that goes on mission around the world. I am like the art style approach and I bet you can switch weapons as well.  This is a  four episodic game and it’s was developed in six years. If you want a old-school style shooter download the game (it’s free) and support the company.


Indie 6. Mimic Hunter – Angry Cat Studios

This is a adventurous indie platformer game, you play as Monsieur Ratimousse, the legendary Mimic Hunter who tries to stop a demon from entering the mortal world. I am liking the 2.5D world which blend in with the background of the game. This look like a tower-based game which you collect items and weapons to fight your way to the top. If you want a dark adventure game support the creator and download the demo.  Make sure to vote for the game on GameJolt.

Indie 5. Under That Rain – Badtale Studios


This is a horror pixel-art adventure point and click indie,  also inspired by the first classic point-and-click graphic adventures. You play as a social worker named Andrè La Croix who wonder into a mansion to seek out a boy named Adrien but  the house are hidden memories that will push him further in the contorted truths of the Mansion. The game have two episodes, one is available and the other is still in development. I am liking the color schemes on the design of the game and the tone of it. If you want a dark point and click it’s available now on Steam.


Indie 4. Plantera – Triangle Studios

header (1).jpg

This is a music-based action rpg indie game, you play as one of Great Maestro Guido’s disciples and find and return the nine primordial instruments to restore balance and peace to the world. Note: there are different pieces scattered around the islands. You can choose Wolff the Harp-Archer, Jacques the Cello-Knight, Jules the Lute-Mage and Claude the Trumpet-Gunner. Each of them have unique abilities and skilles, you can play local with a friend, solve puzzles and defeat 9 bosses. This does support 4K and I am liking the graphic and characters. If you want a music-based action rpg, it’s available now on Steam.

Indie 3. Nongünz –  Brainwash Gang

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This is a nihilistic action platformer indie game, which you play as a gun-towing skull who fight it’s way around a graveyard. I am loving the black and white art style but this game is a riddle. The game gives you a challenge based on skill with collection weapons, items, equipment and enemies.   You are not alone, there are : praying cultists, self-scourging martyrs, somber gravediggers that will you improve you skills. If you want a black and white rouge-like game, it’s available on Steam.


Indie 2. Attentat 1942 – Czechoslovakia 38-89


This is a unique narrative video game which puts you in the point of view of WWII survivors. You are solving a mystery of your grandfather being arrested by the Gestapo shortly after the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, ruler of the Nazi-occupied Czech Lands and leading architect of the Holocaust. The gameplay is dialogue based and features interactive comics, rare digitized film footage, challenging mini-games, and cinematic-style interviews that have been researched and written by a team of professional historians. If you want to know about what happen in WWII support this game and it’s already green-lit.

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Indie 1 .  UnderHero – Paper Castle Games

This indie is a  2D side-scroller RPG adventure game with timing-based combat. This game takes inspiration by Paper Mario games and RPGs in general. You play as a  chosen hero has failed and travel the world to restore Elizabeth’s long lost power, so they can defeat the tyrannical Mr. Stitches. I have to say this game looks amazing and I am liking the colorful style. In gameplay you collect items, solve puzzles and upgrade you skills. Turn enemies to allies, go on sides quests and satire of rpg troupes. If you want a cartoonist pixel style rpg support this game and visit the website.


That’s all for today and tune in next Sunday for Indies of the Week, Make sure you support these creators.

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