Indies of the Week #13 – Dynamic Indie Gaming Sunday

Dynamic character dynamic gameplay


Happy Mother’s day and welcome to indies of the week. This theme is dynamic, a indie game can have dynamic gameplay and characters. Let’s see what indies we have:

7.  Botlike – Binjigames


Botlike is a  fast paced action platformer indie with roguelike elements. You play as a robot named S.I.R was is fighting against a organization called Security Service of the League who ranged war against human creators.  In this game you collect 10 weapons and upgrades to make it more powerful. There is a item system which you can combine them to make a monster items. If you love a robot action platformer support this game and visit the website for more info.


6. Mender’s Strife – Take 2 Long Production s


This game is a 8-bit old school-styled fantasy role-playing game indie. You play as woman named Marah who stands against the encroaching plague and struggling to control newfound magical powers, The game features  humor, snark, fun tie-ins, and a story that isn’t afraid to tackle subjects game developers often shy away from. If you want to support this game the demo is available now to try and find out more about the game on the website.


5. Rail Theory –


Rail Theory is an action RPG indie game. The game features Dynamic Difficulty which enemies behavior changes when shooting them. A health system which are your armor, trauma, and stamina, these will affect you aim, mobility and difficult to perform actions like sprints or melee attacks. The main weapons you have is called Foyl Dredge is a unique weapon that can be used for both melee and ranged attack. There is a cause and effect environments for example, Parts of the environment and the enemies of this newly changed caustic area will have different properties and enemies than if the caustic area had been done first. If you want a Dead Space like game support this game and Kick-starter. For more info check out the website and try the demo.


4. Virgo Versus The Zodiac  – Abductedious


This is a scifi-fi fantasy turn-based RPG indie game based on he principles of Astrology. You play as a villain and features a higher difficulty, a counter and guard system and dive into the minds of the twelve Zodiac Archetypes and their realms. You have your magic and weapon (that can be upgraded). This game takes inspiration from Kingdom Hearts and this game is made by one developer named Moonana. If you like a beautiful  pixel art rpg support this game and tune for more info on the site.


3. Alvora Tactics – Rad Codex


This is a indie Tactics RPG that combines strategic combat with immersive exploration. This is the same creator who brought you Voidspire Tactics, this game is easy to understand. You choose up to 10 races, 23 classes, 150+ upgrade-able abilities, and 50+ passives to create your ideal party. Note:  There is no elves, orcs, or dwarves, it’s a unique fantasy setting. There is interactive with environment with destructible terrain and elemental interactions. If you want a tactical rpg indie support this game on Stream Greenlight and visit the website.

download (1).jpg

2. Starcrossed – Contigo Games


This game is  is a local co-op game heavily inspired by classic Magical Girl genre. All you have to do in this game is bounce back a star projectile back and forth to defeat enemies. This game is very easy to play and to pick up.  You can dodge emenies in the process of defeating them to win the game. This game supports   Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 controllers.  If you want a tennis like magical girl game support the game and play the demo.


1.  Strikey Sisters – DYA Games


This game is a a fantasy themed action arcade brick breaker which features  2 playerco-op.  You play as two sisters Marie and Elene who is on a journey to stop the evil Lord Vanik. You gain power ups, travel through world maps and no paddle you have to control the ball. If you looking for replay value it got some their are maps, collect gems and unlock secret stages. There is a catchy 90’s synth-fantasy soundtrack reminds you of the SNES days. If you want a cute coloful pixel art brick breaker indie support this game on Stream Grenlight.

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That’s all for day and I hope you check out these indies and support these wonderful creators.


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