Indies of the Week #11 – Relay Indie Gaming Sunday

Communicate with life


Welcome to another addition to indies of the week! This week theme was difficult to come up with and I might do a request a from readers on what theme to come up with for the next indies of the week. Anyways relay is about communicating with the environments, interactive with clues and also people to achieve your goal. Here are the indies:

5.  Ghosts of Miami – Pillow Fight


This is a mystery visual novel indie, where you make desicions, find clues and romance. You play as a detective named Chelo Martínez and she handled cases such as drug cartels, the AIDS epidemic, undocumented immigrants and kidnapping. This game is inspired by 80s motif such as  Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Mami Vice. The gameplay reminds me of Phoenix Wright and you can travel through places to solve the case. If you want a 80s style colorful indie game, make sure you support and buy this game on Steam.   Note: there is beta testing going on.

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4. Edge of Atlantis – Creality Studio


Edge of Atlantis is a Room-Scale VR Action Role-Playing Game for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift+Touch. You can play as Druid, Mage, Paladin, Hunter, Berserker and many more, this is the first VR indie game I ever done. For the combat you fight horde of enemies and parry or block attacks. There are over 100 spells, weapons, skills and more, This game is a open world and you are free to explore. Permadeath is optional in this game which the developer stated “allow players who decide to play with the hardcore permadeath mode to have the ability to revive an old save by means of completing a revival quest on a new permadeath character” also you Use your environment, hurl boulders, light fires, and rain destruction on your enemies. If you want a VR RPG make sure you support the developer and buy this game.

3. Fluffy Horde – Turtle Juice


This is  a 2D side-scrolling hybrid real-time strategy and tower defense indie game. This game takes inspiration from Age of Empires, Warcraft and Starcraft but better. The game revolves around a magical hyper-breeding bunny horde created by a misunderstood Shaman wanderer but it’s up to you to stop them. Why hurt the rabbits? This gamw also have funny voice over and .0309.894.859.483.495.809.348.530.834 bunnies to stop. There are over 70 maps, 210 badges and boss fights. Do you have what it takes to defeat the bunny horde? make sure you support this game and buy it.

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2. The Wolf’s Bite – Eric Bernier, bitmOO and Davecoughlin76


This game is a one-versus-one choose-your-own-adventure game with an entrepreneur fairy tale twist. Have you heard of the The Three Little Pigs, The Stinky Cheeseman and other children’s fairy tale. You play as the Big Bad Wolf, who decided it was time for a career change and  The Three Little Pigs is trying to stop him. Well he stop blowing on houses and want to open  his own restaurant (which people in this day in age), the feautes is a visual novel elements and it’s up to two players. There are over 375 unique paths through the game and twenty unique endings depending on the path. I loving the hand drawn illustration by  Karen “bitmOO” Teixeira and I think younger will enjoy it. IF you want a playful cooking visual novel support and buy this game.

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1. Remothered: Tormented Fathers

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This game psychological 3rd person survival horror game with strong cinematic inspiration. You play as a 35 year old woman named Rosemary Reed who is investigating a house a retired doctor and disappearance of a man’s daughter.  The developer stated “the story is rich with  unpredictable plot-twists and a line between good and evil is blurred”.  The features of the game has a run and hide mechanic which you have to deal with stalkers, there is no health-bars just like Resident Evil, no weapons audio clues. You learn skills in this game such as deceive stalkers and solving puzzles. The soundtrack is by Nobuko Toda who does Final Fantasy, Halo, Metal Gear Solid and loading time. If you want a movie like indie game buy and support this game.

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That’s all for today and tune in next week for more as all ways and make sure to support these game and developers.

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