Indies of the Week #1 – Introduction Indie Gaming Sunday

Which Indie will you buy and look forward to?


I am creating a new series to recognize indie game. That are being developed and looking to get exposure from this blog post. As you know I post once a week now since I normally do 2-3 times a week but I just want to grow my YouTube and Twitch channel as side projects. I hoping to do this full-time someday but it’s of now it’s just a hobby. Without further ado let talk about indies of the week, I will be select indies to promote and it’s done once a week on Sundays. I think it’s a great way of showcase some indies that people never heard about and I might come of with a theme soon.  Let’s look at some indies that are being developed or just released.

Indie 4. Gunmetal Arcadia – Minor Key Games


This is the sequel to Gunmetal Arcadia Zero and this is an roguelike action adventure indie game which the gameplay and graphics reminds you of a NES game. You play as 5 playable elf fighters who is up against the Unmade Empire. In your adventure, you collect 75+ items, 40  legacy events and rewards and as well as customization and upgrade you character with editable preset slots. This game reminds you of Zelda II and Authentic 8-bit soundtrack with 8-bit graphics. Buy this game if you are a fan of 8-bit NES style games and support Minor Key Games. Gunmetal Arcadia is available now on Steam and also buy Buy Minor Key Games Complete Collection BUNDLE too. 


Indie 3. State Machine – State Machine Production Committee


This indie is a little robot on a distant island an d teach him to be smarter. It’s pretty much like learning game, developer Terry Cavanagh and Ruari O’Sullivan decide to bring this game to life at a London’s Scenario gaming bar. In this game you solve problems, enjoy the island,  build a self-reliant nation to survive and this game will not teach you sorry you are on your own. This game doesn’t have a release date but be sure to give Terri and Ruari you support. Find more about the  game go to the website.


Indie 2. WitchWay – Pixhammer


WitchWay is a  indie platformer which is developed by four people Andrew GleesonHenri RochefortNiilo Takalainen and Nathan Antony. This game is about finding you wand, solve puzzles and saving bunnies. The gamepad is supported and there is 2.5hr of gameplay you can speedrun this game if you like. You can use you want to get up at high place, connection plaformers and etc. If you want a fun-looking platformer then buy this game. WitchWay is available to download on on Windows and if you got any problems report them @pixhammer.


Indie 1.Splasher – Splashteam


Splasher is a cartoonish indie 2D platformer with fast-paced gamepla.  You play as a young hero on a mission to save the splasher from a evil doctor. You are armed with a ink cannon which you can bounce off walls and tricking your enemies with different colors of ink. This reminds me of Splatoon and Super Meat Boy combined into one game. This game is perfect for Speedrun and be on the leaderboard. The developer Romain Claude was a former Game Designer of Ubisoft and he gather a small team  which consist of Richard Vatinel a.k.a Gromy, Art Director, and Aymeric Schwartz, composer and sound designer (Absolver, Rayman Origins or Valiant Hearts) and famous speedrunners. If you like a cartoonish 2D plaformer buy this game. Splasher is available now on Steam.

That’s all for this weeks indies tune in to next Sunday to see what indies you like to play and buy. Special thanks to Siliconera from reporting these indie and for you the support for making this series happen.

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