Do Indie Game Developers Deserve More Recognition

Do Indie developer work harder than mainstream video game companies

What are indies games and development?

As an indie game developer, you want your game to shape the world and make people enjoy playing it. Indie game developers some consist of a group of 1-12 people but sometimes a single person. If you don’t know what is an indie means let me tell you, Indie developers are independent creators are self-published and without working for a mainstream video game companies such as Bethesda, Activision, Capcom and many others. Creators can get funds to make their game goes to console such as crowdfunding such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, if successful it might get picked up by Sony and Microsoft. You might your indie on the PSN or Xbox store based on the success of the game.

How is indies are successful?

Take this Indies for example No Man Sky, Shovel Knight, Minecraft and many more. These games became a worldwide sensation. The community who pitch in and help these developers out and accomplish their dreams. Sometimes not all indie developers are not successful and can’t come up with to money to publish it. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give up just push forward and try again. If you want to get exposure for being an indie developer. You got to have social media and website because how are you going to promote yourself. You have to find a niche and what makes your game stands out from the rest. There are trade shows and conventions such as IndieCade, Independent Games Festival, Indie Game Jam, Nordic game Jam and Global Game Jam which developers show off ideas and showcase their games. Do Indie game developers deserve more recognition as creators? Yes because they work hard just as any other game developer out there. They put hard work, effort, creative and dignity in their games to reach the tech world today. If you want to be an indie developer go for it and begin creating your game but you got to have experience in C++ and go to college for game development.  What think of Indie game developers? What are your favorite indie game?

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