ICEY – Female Cyborg Narration Indie Video Game

She is so Icey


ICEY is a  indie 2D side-scrolling action game developed by Shanghai FantaBlade Network Technology  and published by  X.D. Network Inc. The game is about follow the narrator’s omnipresent voice and see through ICEY’s eyes and learn the truth about her world. You might ask question is this Meta game in disguise? Why? Why am I following his directions? Why can’t I learn the truth about this world and ICEY’s purpose here?”The graphic looks like solid 2D levels and shard hi-res sprites and designs.

In this game you play as a female cyborg ninja and you fight a onslaught of robot bosses by finding their weakness and defeat them. You can create your own combos and you have attack, dodge and counterattack. I see money on the right of the screen which mean you can buy upgrades and etc.  This game reminds me of Strider but ultra fast gameplay and I love the anime style fighting. This game won alot of rewards such as  Most Promising Game 2nd Prize by Taipei Game Show 2016,  Official Selection by Reboot Develop Indie Award 2016 and many more. If you love anime style action RPG then buy this game. ICEY is available now on steam.

Source: Siliconera


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