Hideki Kamiya Speaks Out On Scalebound’s Cancellation

No more Scalebound folks

If you are a fan of Platinum Games and you are think about getting Scalebound you will be dissapointed because it;s cancelled. Here is the backtory, Robertson first brought the news up on Twitter, stating he had heard rumors of Scalebound’s demise while researching a video on the development of The Wonderful 101, PlatinumGames’ Nintendo Wii U exclusive. Kotaku followed with a news story, saying sources it had spoken to were also saying the game will not be released. It also noted that Microsoft said a statement on Scalebound’s status would be made soon and that the game’s Xbox website page had been removed. Eurogamer’s sources suggest that problems with the project arose after Gamescom 2016, which led to a break for senior members of the team at PlatinumGames and the game getting behind schedule. Afterwords, Microsoft confirmed that Scalebound because the game was not present in Xbox Closes a Milestone Year in 2016 page.

The director of the game Hideki Kamiya share this thoughts on Twiiter:Hidki.PNG


He is responding to this message from the Platinum Games CEO :



Well I guess you have to wait for NieR , Lost Order and Granblue. I don’t know what the problem is but I think because Xbox One doesn’t sell well in Japan that’s the reason. It may not appeal to Japanese Market, if it’s released in PS4 or Steam it might sell well. Are you guys sad about this and what are your thoughts on it.

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