Hellhunter -Supernatural Investigators Indie Video Game

You gotta call Hell Hunter


Hellhunter is a  indie supernatural investigative hunting RPG developed by Ballistic Interactive. You take control of a freelance hunter building your career towards uncovering the ultimate terror (like the ones you on reality TV). You have to investigate a haunted house to find clue include abnormal footprints, bloodstains, traces of cytoplasm and others.  You have tool such as Torch (uncover clues), Powered goggles (for night vision and thermal),  EMF scanner (trace clues) , Bait & Wards (control enemies movements) and many more. When you encounter a initial threat you can do three things place detectors and bait, hide from the threat and gather data or monitor hostile.

After you find clues on what is the threat you can refer to cryptonomicon to find the identity of the enemy and it’s weakness. You can get the right equipment to battle these threats. You have to be prepare to defend your yourself such as weapons like handgun, shotgun, traps, grenades and more. You can get upgrades  such as weapons and  gears also customized you character. When you complete mission you have to play bills and keep equipment up to date. If you love supernatural horror then support this kickstarter so you can get awesome rewards.

Source: Siliconera

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