Hellenica – Ancient Greece Into Steampunk

Living in a streampunk greek world.


Hellenica is turn-based indie is steampunk mix with geek in a unique way.  The Dragonloft brings you a game filling with Final Fantasy Tactics – like gameplay, you can customize your party with characters such as a shape-shifter, mechanic priestess, a spartan warrior, a magician  and many more. Each party has various skills and there are new tactical options for every situation. This game is a reimagining of history of Greece, such as help Plato and Socrates maintain order in an Athens, fight alongside the technologically augmented king of Sparta against rebels or join Cyrus the Persian prince on a quest to liberate his people.The combat system in this game that has  ways to manipulate the battlefield such as push a bandit off a cliff, toss an ally to safety, and bounce a barrel down a line of unsuspecting harpies.


This game has a labyrinthine branching story such as  live multiple lives, making different choices and exploring different facets of the world. There are scenario stories like will you seek guidance from the Oracle or form an alliance with a shadowy network of spies? Stow away on a pirate vessel or follow a mysterious foreigner? Investigate a rebellion in Sparta or seek the aid of the enigmatic enchantress, Circe?


Based on the custom dialog tree you can respond in a way that the path takes you in the game. If you like steampunk, tactical rpgs and Greece this is your game and this is not Civilization.   You can travel, gather allies and fight to survivie or make history.  Hellenica is available now on Steam and there is a special promotion 25% off on the game that ends January 30 (the release of the game).

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