Heartbound – Boy and his Dog Adventure Indie Video Game

Earthbound inspired game


Heartbound is a indie role-playing game developed by Pirate Software. The game is about talking dog and  boy that goes on a crazy adventure and the game draws inspiration from Secret of Mana, Illusion of Gaia, The Mother Series, Secret of Evermore, Super Mario: RPG. The features multiple endings and storyline paths, Unique mini-game based combat system which it You can resolve combat situations in a number of different story changing ways depending on how you handle yourself in those mini-games.  The creator gives a example “you are fighting a nasty dirty sock. During this fight the sock fades into the background noise and a wall appears with five socks on it. The word “PEEL!” flashes across the screen, a laundry hamper appears at the bottom, and you have a few seconds to peel all of the socks dropping them on the floor or in the hamper. For every sock in the hamper you progress in a positive way, every sock on the floor a negative way, and for every sock still on the wall you take damage“.

The game also has secrets and hidden content and the creator says on his website “announcement, character, or even the game files themselves may contain another piece of the puzzle” and there is a dialog system which your choice affect the game. You can get items and consumables the creator also stated “Powers that can trigger in combat under certain conditions or from investigating objects in the world”. You find out talking animals and fight horrific monsters known as Darksiders. This game reminds me of Undertale and the pixel is drawn well. If you want to play as a boy and his talking dog play the alpha on PC, Linux and Mac. Heartbound will be avilable on 2017 and  make sure to vote for it.

Source: Gopiratesoftware


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