Gunman Taco Truck- Food Trunk Gone Rogue

A unique food truck with weapons


What is Gunman Taco Truck?

You have not seen a food trunk like this before , well Gunman Taco Truck is like a rail-shooter-ish/ gallery, this is a indie developed by Romero Games Ltd. In this game you are a owner of a family taco business but you are apocalypse crisis and it’s up to you to save Winnipeg, Canada.  You have to fight mutants in order to feed people just like a regular food ruck business. You have to go to town to town, to help the survivors (there are very picky on what they want on there taco), you can upgrade your truck, buy gas ( well duh) and supplies to survive.  Where are different weapons in the game (image blew)

The game was made on a idea of regular coding lesson between the developers Donovan and John. They was inquired by Gun Bros app and John (Donovan’s step dad). Asked Donovan what name you want for a game and Donovan replied Gunman Taco. Donovan family was not in the food tuck business but loves Mexican culture. Donovan draws concept sketches of the trucks weapons, items and enemies in the game. John fill in the blanks of the games design documents to match the pitch. The game developed took 13 days  and when to Ireland to meet Paul Conway who Brenda (Donovan’s mother) and John met and they start working on the  game.

840040966_preview_Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 16.35.21.png

The graphics in the game is pixel and I am liking the detail of the truck. If you like a unique food truck game this game is for you. Vote for Gunman Taco on Steam Greenlight and find out more on the website. Also when available the game will be on IOS, Android and Steam.

Source:  Siliconera

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