Guardians of Arcadia: Episode I – Create New Future

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What is Guardians of Arcadia ?

Guardians of Arcadia is a indie JRPG developed and published  by  FABULA EPICA. This game is inspired by 1990’s JRPGs and also brings nostalgia, the plot of the game is General Nero of Baikal has begun using highly advanced weapons to terrorize neighboring kingdoms. With their homeland destroyed, Hikaru, his sister Aki, and a group of unlikely characters embark to a journey to end the evil general’s desire to dominate the world. Soon after, they discover the general threats merely cover a far more sinister plot. The features of this game has a turn-based combat (you have full control) without a time limit. You can explore enemies weakness, attack,  uses items and your abilities to fight.

You can explore the lands , use vehicles and have full access to the world map.  If you are using old graphic and computer hardware requirements it’s compatible on this game. You can use a gamepad if you wish. This game will be in multiple languages such as English, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese at launch. The graphic in this indie reminds me of the old PSX JRPG days. If you a JRPG fan then get this game went it comes out. Guardians of Arcadia will be coming out later this year for more info go to Steam.

Source: Siliconera

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