Gravity Falls – Fight Fighters and Real Girl Double Episodes Review

What is Gravity Falls?

Here is a double overview of Gravity Falls episodes Fight Fighters and Soos and the Real Girl. Both Gravity Falls episodes deal with video games. Fight Fighter is from season 1 and Soos and the Real Girl is from Season 2. For those who don’t know what Gravity Falls about here is a summary. The story goes its summer vacation in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Two siblings named Dipper and Mable Pines spent time with paranormal con-man Uncle Stan Pine. Stan Pine runs a mystery shack and Dipper notices supernatural and paranormal entities happen in Oregon. Let’s talk about Season 1 of Gravity Falls episode “Fight Fighter”.

Wendy is seeing Robbie this cause jealously and anger in Dipper. Dipper picks a fight with Robbie and challenge him. Dipper plays Street Fighter parody called Fight Fighters. Rumble McSkirmish (parody of Ryu) get summon to fight Robbie for Dipper. Plot B Stan Pines is afraid of height and Mable tries to help him in an awkward way.  Dipper realize Rumble is taking things too far. He fight rumble and wins the fight. Rumble disappears and the episode ends there. Fight Fighters pay homage to video games like Pac-Man, Super Mario and Street Fighter. I would highly recommended watching this episode for gamers alike.

Soos finds love

Next up season two of Gravity Falls episode “Soos and the Real Girl”. Soos promise his grandmother to find a date for his cousin engagement party. Dipper and Mable goes to the all to find one. Soos buys a visual novel dating sim Called Romance Academy 7 to help him talk to girls. He meets Giffany who became obsessed with him throughout the episode. Soos meets a real girl not a virtual one named Melody.

Shock. Dipper, Mable and Soos battles and defeats her. In the end Soos has a real girlfriend now and the end episodes there. I like how the episode takes on semi-otaku culture. If you are a single guy and no real girl likes you. You turn your attention to Visual Novel Dating Sims and find the girl of your dreams. Believe me I got some anime waifus in mine. That’s it for my review of two Gravity Falls episodes and if you have not watch it. I would highly recommended if you want a fun show and Gravity Falls is available now on DVD or Bluray at Amazon.

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