Does Graphics Makes Video Game Looking Good?

What do you think of video game graphics

Video game graphics can be breathe-taking and can be a form of art. Nowadays video games companies tries to make the game more realistic like a movie. There are motion-capture of real actors like Until Dawn and CGI rendering for characters. In the 1970s, video games had vector graphics that uses points, lines and curves for example like Asteroids. Afterwards uses pixels if you are playing on an Atari for example E.T. yes that game. Moving on to 2D graphics which are computer-based generation of digital Images. 2D is different from 3D but this required drawing and printing, you seen 2D in NES, Sega Mega Drive, SNES and Gameboy. Older Mortal Kombat series uses digitized sprites for their characters using photographic renderings of actors. Speaking of video games sprites, there are 2D bitmaps that integrate with video game console’s hardware in the 1980s – 1990s. Pixel art is a form of Digital art that uses raster graphics which related to 2D sprites.

Which is a line art (traced over scanned drawings) and can be saved and compressed in GIF, PNG and JPEG. Pixel art can be viewed in 3D which is called near-iso isometric (angle of 26.57 degree). You see indie games such as Broforce uses pixel art and review for it is coming. 3D is next on the list where majority of video games have. This method is done on a computer using vector graphics with wire-frame models. There are 3 basic of computer graphics, 3d modeling (forming the shape of an object), layout & animation (motion and placement of an object in scene) and rendering (computer calculations based on light placement, surface types, and generate the image. PlayStation and Nintendo 64 day, they uses polygons for their games that’s another example of 3D gaming. Lastly, there is cel-shading (which is a type of non-photorealistic rendering to make 3D graphics flat) is it also called toon or comic shaded. There is a final method that 2D and 3D co-exist together

which is called 2.5D ( uses 3D polygonal graphics on a 2D plane) which you seen in video games such as The King of Fighter XIV, Street Fighter V and Mortal Kombat XL. Graphics have come a long way throughout the years, whether you are playing a game on 30fps or 60fps. You have a game system that support these graphics on 480p, 720p or 1080p. The comparison of PS3 Vs Xbox graphics which one is darker or lighter because of the unreal engine. I will ask this question does graphics make the game look good? I could answer ever way yes or maybe no, what do you think?

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