Gigantic 2017 – Take Down the Guardian Video Game Overview

Team-based shooter are becoming more popular in a second. Motiga’s Gigantic is no exception at all and it’s another statistic. Gigantic history of development is unknown but is unique in anyways. The main goal of the game is to take down guardians from each team. Two houses are represented Aurion and Devendra, these two faction are at war with each other. In order to lead your house to victory, gather power from summoning creature and enemies. Two Guardians face off with one another, as one pin to the ground. An opportunity arise to strike the opposing guardian‘s weakness. For defense save your guardian from being annihilated by defeating enemies to buy more time.

Players has to form a team of five just like any team-based shooters. Each 20 heroes has different classes and playstyles such as shooter, unity, summon, fighter and more. Just like any other MOBA, there are 5 abilities for each hero. Ultimate can be build up by fighting and summoning creatures. Creatures can support in battle with different types. Build walls to protect heroes, heals teammates and scout enemies locations. Creatures can evolve like Pokemon to become stronger.

Before you start a match, there is a creature loadout to change for your preference. Main matchmaking menu, players can practice their skills, co-op vs ai bots and 5 vs 5 player vs players. Searching for matches takes a while to start. Daily draws cards are missions’ players must fill to gain red rubies and currency. Winning games also help obtain money not rubies. Spend rubies and currency them on Heroes, skins, creatures and etc.

First time player have to complete a mandatory tutorial to learn how to play Gigantic. Once completed, player are free to play matches but 5 vs 5 requires level 2. Acquiring level 2 grants access to 5 vs 5 PvP. Options menu is to set button layout, graphic settings and whatever preference players likes. Gigantic is an indie free to play hero shooter with stunning cel-shaded visual. Stellar character designs with color schemes and field movement. Environments look beautiful and well-done with uses of Unreal Engine 4. I love this game besides of standing out from Overwatch, Paladins and Team Fortress 2. The concept is very different from most MOBA and probably see more in the future. Support Motiga and download Gigantic on Steam, Xbox One and Windows 10.

Author: anjimplays

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