FrightShow – Very Creepy Fighting Indie Video Game

Trapped in the FrightVerse


What is FrightShow?

FrightShow is a indie fighting game developed and published 3 Fright. This game reminds me of a Tim Burton and Double Fine games due to the character designs and graphics. There are 10 playable with unique moves and theme music.   The gameplay is very fast pace with 2D drawing level and 3D character models. This kind of reminds me of a PlayStation  from the old days. The story of the game is The FrightShow was never meant to be anything but entertaining. Every Thursday night at an old local theater you could come see the wonderful and amazing; the bizarre and obscure.

However, this all went awry one night when a cloaked warlock came to see the show. During the final act, the warlock, known as Xonolox, performed an evil spell that was meant to steal the eyes of the entire audience. But the spell was too powerful, he couldn’t control it! It backfired, ripped through space and time, and created a multi-layered universe that left the performers of the FrightShow taking the side of good or evil.You can play with you fiends, net-play and looks like they’ve a story mode.  This game got some RPG elements such as leveling up and customized their statues. Use powerups to gain the upperhand in battle such as  fireballs, poison flasks, slippery oil, or a giant rocket. You can choose them in the beginning of the battle. There is a pose system that allows your fighters to hold positions to enable more controlled moves when needed, The game is still will update to put more content such as  Global Ranking (play against other players to your rank go up to down). In you like gothic type fighting game it’s available on Steam.

Source: Siliconera

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