Free Vs Buying Video Games – What Do You Prefer?

Do you have enough money to buy a video game? Are planning buying a $59.99 video game? Do you want more free game to save money? Well that’s are the question that you are pondering to ask. Let me tell you about what the difference between getting a free video game than buying one. Free video game is on what you find on the internet such as PSN, Xbox store, Doujin and Steam. The company understands that players don’t have the funds to get the games that you wanted. Sometimes free-to-play games are mostly MMO, shooter and sometimes different genres. It depends on the value of the game such as content, graphics and replayable. Buying a game is helping the company generated revenue for the product. When you buy from online gaming outlets or retail part of the proceeds go between the merchants and video game companies. Especially DLC, that’s extra money to support the gaming companies to make an expansion or sequels.

If you are a big gaming Youtuber or very wealthy person you can buy as many game as you want. As for me, I am on a budget because I am paying off montage, internet, food, student loans and electric bill. I try to get the games I wanted but I don’t want to spend money on too much video games. My method is waiting until the price drop because I don’t want to spend over $100 on a video game. For example Amazon, they have the lowest prices and you can get it shipped for 1-10 days depending on what you choose. Lately, I been having some trouble with Amazon because of Lasership and I have not order from them in two months. I am not ordering game from Amazon anymore but I use Steam and PSN to buy my games for now on, because they have discounts and deals. So that’s my story and reasons to buy games. What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you want more free game or just buy them?

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