Final Fantasy XV – Guys Day Out Review

What is Final Fantasy XV?

This is one of the first Final Fantasy XV open world action role-playing game I ever played.  I have play Kingdom Hearts (which is action RPG) and enough about that, Square Enix outdid themselves with this. With the outstanding CGI work in the cutscenes, character design and environments along with a dynamic battle system.  The project hit a snag sue to trouble development and talks about rebranding the mainline entry.

The rebranding shifted with the next-gen consoles of 2015 along with a next engine called Luminous Studios. Hajime Tabata took over Tetsuya Nomura in the developed team and want the project to remain as true to original. Along with characters on the original story opening and replaced the main heroine Stella Nox Fleurets (Lunafreya). The main concept Tabata and Nomura wanted is a fantasy based on reality  Eros. Which is based on real world location like Tokyo, Venice ad Bahamas.

Final Fantasy XV features

The plot of the game, you play as Noctis is the crown prince of Lucis and his kingdom is overrun by Nifiheim due to an unsuccessful peach treaty. Noctis and his companions Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto  are on the mission to take back their kingdom. Noctis is not alone with his fiancé Lunafreya Nox Fleuret and other characters you meet in help you out. They can assist you with attacks called Links, get you out of danger. Suggest to camp, got to certain places and etc.

The battle system is you can use items, switch weapons in combat and warp into different places. Noctis can defend or parry attacks, uses elemental magic , give commands to your companions and summon monster called Astrals.  As for leveling up you have to go to a camp called Haven. To rest to gain levels and set skill trees called Astralspheres on the AP  you earn.  All I have to say this is the best Final Fantasy game. I ever played next to 7 and if you want this amazing game go buy it. Final Fantasy XV is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One .

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