Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Tribute and Gaming Coverage

What is great about Final Fantasy?

As of today Final Fantasy turns 30th and has been an Iconic role- playing game of all time. I been playing Final Fantasy in the 90s and enjoy the story and music. Final Fantasy franchise has talking Japan by storm with characters and fandom. Let’s talk about my experience with Final Fantasy. The first Final Fantasy game I ever played was Final Fantasy 7 on PlayStation. Final Fantasy 7 is a great game Cloud was an interesting character and along with Aerith, Tifa and Sephiroth. Remember playing Final Fantasy all night see what was going to happen next. Facing bosses and leveling was amazing.

What is in store in for Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary?

There was a 5 year hiatus for me, now fast forward to 2017. Just bought Final Fantasy XV and it’s very different than previous ones.    That’s just a little history I want to share.  Let’s talk about news on the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy XIV will release a patch 4.1 for 24-man Ivalice Alliance raid. Upgrades for weapons, systems, Items, housing and pvp content. Check out  Letter from the Producer Live  for more details on . Update for Final Fantasy XIV will be available on  October 10, 2017. Final Fantasy XV is getting an update as well. Final Fantasy XV update 1.16 will get new content for chapter 12.  Patch 1.16 will contain conclusion of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, two new fist and bug fixes for Assassin’s Festival. Release date is unknown be on the look out.

Two new characters coming to Fortune Street: Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Yuna and Tidus.  Fortune Street: Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary is coming to Japan in October 19, 2017 for Ps4 & Vita.  New character are coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy in October 3. Look at for the Dissidia Final Fantasy live stream. Lastly, legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu discusses about his role during Final Fantasy franchise. Nobuo did an amazing job with the soundtrack of the Final Fantasy Games. 

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