Fatal Fury’s Geese Howard Steps In The Tekken 7 Arena

Who is Geese Howard?

Street Fighter’s Akuma is not the only guest character that appear in Tekken 7.  Fatal Fury’s Geese Howard is stepping into the Iron Fist Tournament 7.  If you don’t know who Geese Howard is he is the main antagonist of Fatal Fury.  Geese Howard is a crime boss of Southtown and the murder of the protagonists’s Terry and Andy Bogard Father Jeff Bogard.  In Garou: Mark of The Wolves (which Geese has a son named Rock Howard) Terry Bogard defeated Geese Howard and fall from his tower. Geese Howard not only appeared in Fatal Fury but Art of Fighting as well. Whatever or not Geese was alive after the Fatal Fury series but he appeared in King of Fighters too.

In Evo 2017, Katsuhiro Harada announced a Geese Howard is coming to Tekken 7. In the trailer, Geese got all of his signature moves such as Reppuuken, his counters and Shinkuu Nage. I don’t see the iconic move Raging Storm. There is a fan crossover of Geese Howard and Heihachi Mishima which both are villains, have sons and apart of a corporation.  Now you can have that fight and see who is the strongest out of those two. I don’t know yet that Geese Howard will be pay DLC or free. Make sure you watch the trailer to see Geese Howard in action and I can’t wait to use him.

Source: Dualshockers

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