Fantasy Strike – A Simple Nor Complex Fighting Game


Fantasy Strike is a fighting game that takes away all the complex elements of the genre.  Such as joystick motion for the movies, no crouching and easy to pull off combos. You can focus on different fundamentals such as zoning, timing, strategy and more. Controls are very easy in the game (image below). There is your left and right directional buttons. Jump and attack with just a single button. Also comes with two special attack moves for each character. Each character has a special move with pushing attack and special button 1. Yomi counter is automatically you don’t have to do anything.   As well throws can be executed with pressing left or right then attack button.

The game feature eight playable characters with different playstyles. There is game modes such as local versus, training, arcade, online and more.  Loot box are available in this game featuring cosmetic.  There is four stages in this game but more will be available later.  There is visual effects for each character. If you are planning on using a controller for the game. It supports PlayStation 4, Joystick, Guitar and any gamepad you own. If you want a easy fighting game make sure you support Sirlin Games on Patreon. Visit the website for more detail and  sign up subscribe for news and more.  Note: the game is developed by ex Street Fighter developer David Sirlin that’s why gameplay reminds you have that.

Author: anjimplays

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