EVO 2017 – Getting Hyped Up for Fighting Games

Are you ready?


EVO 2017 is coming next year and the trailer just drop for it. For those who don’t know what EVO (Evolution Championship Series) is, it’s a fighting game tournament with players around the world compete with other another. Sometimes their are teams or singles, video game companies also help sponsored the tournament and give announcements on upcoming characters, dlcs and more.  The fighting game community thrive to win and play, there are fighting game forums out such as SRKEventHubsNeoGAF and more. You will see your favorite players Justin Wong,  Justin McGrath, Ryota Inoue and Christopher Gonzalez.


The games that will appeared in this EVO 2017 is Super Smash Bros, Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear XRD, Tekken 7 and more.  EVO 2017 will be at Las Vegas, Nevada Mandalay Bay hotel and it’s a three day event. I was I lived in Las Vegas I would love to go there in person and meet all the players. The date is July 14 -16 2017 and if you want more info check out this website. Get ready to get you fight sticks and your skills to be the best. If you want to buy a fight stick I will link MadCatz page.

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