Eternal Covenant – Castlevania Co-op Indie Game

Co-op Castlevania


What is Eternal Covenant?

Eternal Covenant is not made by Konani but by TimeNewStudios check them out and support them. There new indie game is inspired by Castlevania if you are a fan of the series play those first, also this game is a action platformer which is also called Metroidvania (it’s a term of game style of Castlevania and Metroid). In this  game you play as  Castle Hunter who seeking treasures to gain the experience necessary to hunt and kill the ancient hibernating ghost who is ready to plunge the world into despair. The developer stated that “This game is diverse and designed to challenge the player for the struggles ahead. Can you learn to fight fast, upgrade and navigate through the danger?” When looking at the trailer the  movements is slow pace but I am like the style of the game.

Which you can dodge, short jump and etc but you have to get a weapon to learn hidden skills. You are journeying to a castle and there are routes. Paths and room in the game that the player can explore or to complete your quest. You can choose up to 5 hero styles (magic attacker, close fighter, weapon acrobat, skill stealer, team supporter), you can combined 6 to 10 skills at a time. There are 60  weapons in the game which you can upgrade and equipped to be stronger and defeat enemies. In the trailer, there is co-op mode (locally or online) and if you want to design a level there is a editor for it. I like to see some creations in the future. If you like Castlevania buy this game in mid 2017 and more sure to vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

Source: Siliconera

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