Esper Excite – Destory Monstrous Parasites Indie Game

Colorful Esper!


Esper Excite is a indie rpg game developed by CowCode and which features 5-on-5 turn-based combat .  If you want the the plot of this game is I will tell you Esper Excite is a modern-day science fiction RPG. In the city of Edenshima, members of Zt. Laventiaca Academy’s student council have been investigating “Frameshifts,” glitches in Mother Nature that expel parasitic entities called “Mutajins” into hosts.All are somehow connected to a rumored website that bestows visitors supernatural powers through a person referred to as the “Reaper.”Armed with special chips to use psychic abilities, Zt. Laventiaca Academy’s student council vows to protect the city and to solve the mystery behind the Frameshifts.

Explore the city of  Edenshima where you can fight enemies and analyze for weaknesses. You can go to shops to buy weapons, food to restore health and try on different outfits. Speaking of outfits there are 20 fashion style such as become a chef to boost fire skills, transform into a surgeon to enhance healing powers and etc. You can equip various abilities throught Gene points by unlocking them.  The graphic in this game reminds me of a Nintendo DS game with very colorful and bright 16bit sprites and levels.  If you want to play the demo here is the game and support it with Steam Greenlight.

Source: clowcode


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