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Does video games educate you?

Do you remembers educational games such as Math Blaster, The Magic School Bus, Reader Rabbit, Carmen Sandiego and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing I wonder what happen to those? As you might know video games don’t educate kids and adults but mainly is a hobby and favorite past time when you come home from school or just bored with nothing to do. What about video games that teaches children through adulthood about history, math, reading and economy? The true is that some school doesn’t teach you enough and you have to go to the internet to look up on Google something that your instructor or teacher doesn’t tell you. We live in a digital age were we have technology instead of a textbook (20 years from now it will be a myth). There is so positive and negative about video game such as Vvdeo games can assist children in setting goals, ensuring goal rehearsal, providing feedback, reinforcement and maintaining records of behavioral change. Some people think that video games cause increased aggressiveness and the various medical and psychosocial effects.

Video game fun, challenging, improved hand-eye co-ordination and raises players’ self-esteem. Some people got educational video games in their classroom to engage with student to make the classroom more enjoyable. Video games such as Call of Duty, League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto V and Street Fighter V are not educational but there is some history elements in some games are Uncharted 4 and Assassins Creed. There are puzzles in adventure and RPGs games that you have to figure out which fit in the educational department. Gamer can learn 5 skills for example, math (scoring system in video games), reading (dialogue in RPG and episodic graphic adventure), language and social (sharing your passion with other players). People can debate on whether video games can help people or are they a waste of time? What do you think of educational video games should they come back?


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