Don’t Chat With Strangers – This Game Really means it

Stay off the chat if you know what go for you.

I bet he is looking for porn at this hour

Don’t Chat With Strangers is a hard-to-describe-sort-of-horror-permadeath-puzzle-game (as the steam description says) developed by Bartosz Bojarowski. This game make you not go on online dating sites because you never know who you might find. You play as a man who is looking for love and not a virgin yet, he meet a women on a chat line in the middle of the night (people still do that). As you might know he is in grave danger (you hear that people if you are desperate on looking a mate you will be in danger. The woman keeps bugging the protagonist and wants to kill him.


In this game you talk to the woman in chat and select different phrase. If you are not chatting you can play games on the computer. There is also a point and click mechanic where you can walk around  in you home or outside. You can get into your car and drive whatever place that’s on the map.. In this game, there are multiple deaths and the game is scary. The graphics of this game is  HD pixel art with a feel of a MS Dos Game. If you alone and like to be on online dating sites buy this game.   Don’t Chat With Strangers is available now on Steam and save 10%.

Source: Siliconera

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