The Devil’s Eight – Music Boss Rush Indie Game KickStarter

What is The Devil’s Eight?

Second Step Studios bring us a music-based boss rush indie game called The Devil’s Eight. The Devil’s Eight takes inspiration from Furi and Super Smash Bros. Furi was a very hard game but no performer mechanics. Developer noted that The Devil’s Eight is hard just like Furi. Art style of Devil’s Eight has an comic book and neon look to it. Character designs look in-depth. Gameplay style is 2D plaformer with movement such as dash, free-fall, wave-dash and more. Fighting bosses is circling around each of them and dodging their attacks. There are two types of gameplay Limbo and Lust. Limbo is a standard platformer and combat such as blocking attacks.  Lust gameplay is advanced with parse a multitude of attacks all at once. After processing throughout Devil’s Eight, bosses will be very hard to face. Exploring each world of Devil’s Eight, there will be unique way to face bosses.


During boss fights,  music will change making the game more suspenseful. Music is the key of Devil’s Eight and giving the game more diversity. Fun fact boss in Devil’s Eight, they are named after seven delay sins of hell. Lust, Gluttony and Greed but called Overseers.  This game is not just about music it’s visuals. Visual can play apart during boss fights which turn the tide in battle.

Players can feel as they fight bosses and learn boss rhythm. Second Step Studios is aiming for $32,000 to fund the project. There is perks and rewards for supporting Devil’s Eight. Steam is what Second Step Studios is going for right now. Console release is for the future if funded. Depending on what money you pledge toward the project. Here are the rewards below for contribution for Devil’s Eight.

Reasons Second Step Studios having a Kickstarter project are two things. Music costs alot of money to hire musicians for the soundtrack. Releasing Devil’s Eight for next year. Make sure you support Second Step Studios  their are a small team. Download the demo and visit the Kickstarter page to make an pledge.

Source:  Pcgamer

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