Cyber Monday – Post Black Friday Video Gaming Deals

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Black Friday is only on Fridays after Thanksgiving and you are burnout from spending too much money on Black Friday, but there is no need to fear their is Cyber Monday! Cyber Monday is like Black Friday for shopping online but It’s basely it’s all about electronics such as video games, computers, cell phone, applicants and many more, not just electronics but clothes and beauty products as well. Retails like Walmart, Amazon, Target and Best Buy got the top of the line such as (images below).

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There are a price range of 20-2,000 dollars on TVs, computers, applicants and more. You can get 50% -100% on items you buy which their trying to promote but I got bills to pay I don’t want to get things I don’t need because that amount of bills I have to get out of the way. I can get those after Christmas but for right now I am focus on saving my money and worry about doing blogging full-time. I like shopping online instead of doing down the retail because sometimes they don’t have the item in stock but you can look on Amazon and they have everything. I would say I like cheap things than expensive because you save a lot of money. Remember shop smart and spent less!

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