Cuphead – Don’t Make Deals With the Devil Indie Video Game Review

Cuphead is a difficult run and gun indie game developed StudioMDHR. The game pay homage to 1930s cartoon and most unique design in an indie. The plot of Cuphead revolves around two brothers Cuphead and Mugman wander into Devil’s Casino. Cuphead and Mugman was on a winning streak but the Devil was no happy. Both brothers loss and beg for their lives to the Devil. The Devil gives them a proposition if they collect the contracts of debtor. The Devil will free them and the story goes from there. During the development of Cuphead, two brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer was inspired by cartoon that came from Fleischer Studios and Disney. Also cartoon drawing style of Ub Iwerks, Grim Natwick, and Willard Bowsky. Moldenhauers watch 1930 cartoons with VHS collection during their childhood.

What is History of Cuphead?

Moldenhauers debate on what gameplay Cuphead will have and attempted to make it in 200. Due to lack of tools to continue the production. After the successful indie Super Meat Boy, Moldenhauers brother try to produce Cuphead once more. Inspiration for Cuphead comes a 1936 Japanese propaganda animated film. Where a man with a teacup for a head, Moldenhauers took notice and run with it. Moldenhauers created 150 different character design for Cuphead ranging from tophat kappa and a person with a fork for a head. Chad Moldenhauer uses hand-drawn animation and using watercolors for the background. Chad uses Photoshop to colorize the game and animation runs in 24 frames per second. Moldenhauer brothers hire an Ontario Jazz musician and a Brooklyn animator for the project. Moldenhauer brothers describing Cuphead as difficult retro game and StudioMDHR plans to surpass the Guinness World Records. For number of 30 boss battles, visuals and number of people working on the game.

What the Cuphead has to offer?

Gameplay of Cuphead is a unique run and gun but very different. Cuphead can shoot, parry and use super moves during different segment of the game. Cuphead can shoot at any direction and also switch weapon at any time. If you want more weapons, charm and more, go to Pork Rinds Emporium to buy them. Make sure you collect coin is the run and gun segment not boss battles. Parrying built up your super meter and block projectiles. Parry work if something is pink color only and can revive your partner. Super moves is where you give enemies extra damage. Built up your super meter by shooting and parrying. There are more than 5 slots (if you fill up 5 slot you super will be powerful) but less than 5 is regular. Charms can help on your adventure for example extra hearts or disappearing dash. See Pork Rinds Emporium for more charms and upgrades.

Final  Opinions on Cuphead

Dashing works in the air and ground, this is the easy navigate through the level. Boss fight and run n’ gun have check points when death. Boss fights are very interesting during different sequence boss will change its behavior. There is an airplane segment which you can shoot bombs and maneuver in the air. Co-op is available and it gets complicated during boss fights. Cuphead is one of the best Indies I ever played. The game is a throwback to 1930 cartoons such as Popeye the Sailor, Betty Boop and Mickey Mouse. If you want a great 1930 cartoon run and run buy this game but note it’s difficult. Cuphead is available now on Xbox One and Steam.

Source: Joystiq



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