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Improving the Blog

Being a blogger  is amazing and rewarding to me. I work hard to produce content that everyone will enjoy. Questions and concerns maybe come my way. Weather me good or bad I have to take it.    There is not stupid question at all. I will hope to answer them to the best of my ability. I will take criticism for blog design, spelling errors and suggestions. Improving this blog is always my priority.  Some questions I probably will not agree with. It will take some time to process and  think over.

Concerns about the blog

I understand people feel strongly about what is written. What language, approach and wording in a blog post. Door are always open for suggestions for readers. These are my words and mine alone to write.  Sponsorship post are welcome and will help the blog. I don’t mine promoting products, websites and bloggers.  Interview with video game developers, readers and other people are open.  All you have to do is contact me and don’t worry I don’t bite.

Balancing my dayjob and growing the platform is time consuming.   Any feedback is welcome and hoping to answer them. I have a email list, which tells you what is going on with the blog. Email list is important factor for me. It’s crucial because I might go on hiatus,  hosting special events and status updates. If you want to be a blogger have a email list. I am hoping to get some people on my mailing list soon  in the future.  Contact me in my email for business inquires at  The same goes for sponsorship post, interviews, questions and more. Subscribe to my email list at the bottom. Thanks for visiting the website and blog.