The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot – Detective Visual Novel Hands On

What is The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot about?

The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot is a detective visual novel indie game developed by RockTheClock. I got a hands on experience playing The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot. The plot of the game is Grace Sinclair  just got kicked out of her house by her dad for poor performance at school. Grace has not place to go and needed a job. One day Grace experience a convenience store robbery and a witness to the crime. After being question by a young detective Delilah, she offers Grace a job to help her save the case.  Amaze by Grace intellect in piecing together what happen in the  convenience store robbery. Delilah talks with her boss Lem Yasui to test Grace to see what she has what it takes.

The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot is very different from most visual novel games. There are different paths and routes throughout the game. Crace is  vasovagal syncope which means fear of sight of blood.  Vasovagal syncope mechanic is play apart in looking for evidence. Some evidence have blood on them and cause Grace to faint or lose her employment. Note: you don’t have to look at the bloody evidence but be careful and choose wisely. Highlighted object are important to interact for looking for evidence.

What  is The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot  gameplay?

While collecting evidence you can review them by click on a folder on the top left. After survilllening the crime scene talk to Lem and  Delilah to help you in the case. Delilah will question suspects on what happen during the crime. Lem will question Grace on what happen in the case. It’s Grace’s job to find the culprit of the crime.  Grace will meet other characters on the coarse of the game.  The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot has a manga-like style graphics. Soundtrack is pleasant and mystery-like adventure. I love the japanese humor  will have you laughing bring in a lighter tone.

There are features in the full version comes out such as english voice, 4 endings and 50+ backgrounds. My impression of the game is I like it so far. I was able to piece together who was the crime at the first try. Grace is a situation that most adult is in, find a job and a place to stay. Delilah is a great supporting character and like a sister to Grace. Grace comes off as a awkward girl who is very smart. I want to see more of The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot.Will Grace become a great detective?  Make sure you support RockTheClock and download the demo on

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  • If you are in the mystery try this game out