Cloud Strife Was Almost a Guest Character on Soul Calibur 2

15 years since Soul Cailbur 2 released on PlayStation 2, Xbox and Gamecube.  Namco is notorious for bring in third party characters in Soul series.  Release of Soul Calibur 2 was one of the most stable in the franchise.  Fourth installment of Soul Cailbur things started to go downhill. Let’s not talking about the franchise as a whole. A recent episode of a podcast called 8-4 Play. Where Nao Higo localizer for Namco Bandai discuss about  his past experience in the gaming industry. During development of Soul Cailbur 2, when looking for guest characters for PlayStation 2 version.  Higo stated that “A deal fell through on that one — it was supposed to be someone else,”.  “So, apparently they were working out a deal with Cloud. “It would have been incredible, [but] at the last minute it got canned.”  Which Final Fantasy VII was not on PlayStation 2 at the time.

Tekken 4 was very popular fighting game on PlayStation 2. Developers wanted Heihachi because Tekken is apart of Namco. Namco want to have variety and diversity in the game.  For those who don’t know what Soul Cailbur is about here is a summary. Soul Cailbur is a weapon-based fighting game from Namco Bandai. The story revolves about a evil sword named Soul Edge. To combat Soul Edge, a good sword is forged called Soul Cailbur.


Warriors of the series goes on a journey to uncover the mysterious of the two swords. Soul Cailbur has been weapons that each character uses like sword and shield. Whip, bo staff, axe and many other arsenal of weapons. In order to win, reduce your enemy heath by zero or knock them out of the ring. Soul Cailbur 2 was third party characters other than Heihachi. Todd McFarlane’s Spawn appeared on Xbox edition and Legend of Zelda’s Link appeared on Nintendo GameCube edition. Soul Calibur brought in Darth Vader (Star Wars), Enzo (Assassin Creed), Lloyd Irving (Tales of Tales of Symphonia) Kratos(God of Wars) and more.

Cloud Strife would be a great addition to Soul Calibur series. Cloud has a buster sword but his magic and summon will be removed. Maybe in a future installment of Soul Calibur, Namco might strike a deal with Square Enix. Cloud has been in Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS. I managed to play him at Anime USA and he was amazing. As of now Soul Cailbur is dead but one day it might get rebooted.

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