Can Video Games Get You Fit and Lost Weight in the Process?

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Getting fit in video games

Fitness is the best way to get in-shape no one wants to be overweight or body shaming you for day. Staying fit can lead you into healthy lifestyle and also eating the right type of foods such as salad, fish (roasted), Chicken (roasted), yogurt, fruits, vegetables and not anything fried because of oil or grease that put into the food. Don’t eat too much fast food such as McDonald (which they do have healthy choice but not enough), Popeye’s (nothing but extra greasy chicken) and Carryout.

There are some fast food places that’s healthy such as Chipotle, Subway, Sweet Greens and more. Instead of getting your food faster, why make it yourself by going to Giant, Subway, Costco and other stores. You will save more money that way. As for myself, I go to the store if I don’t have food in the house I buy food for work (healthy ones) and got to healthy fast food places two or three times a week. You can exercise by jogging, going to the gym or eat one meal a day (my method it’s works in college).

Video games that based on fitness

Let’s talk about fitness in video games, you have dancing, Zumba and an interactive gym right in your home. You have to most game fitness games such as Just Dance, Wii fit that can get you in-shape. Just Dance is a rhythm game developed by Ubisoft which you can mimic dance moves with PlayStation Camera (PS4), Kinect (Xbox 360) and Wii Remote (Wii U). Just Dance 2017 just added a mode that you work out called Sweat. The game songs from various artists such as Maroon 5, Hatsune Miku, Beyonce and more.

There is another fitness game called Wii fit U. Which comes with a Wii Balance Board which let you do yoga, jogging and other physical activities. Researchers found that Wii fit U can have a better sense of balance of the upper body and weight loss. Playing video games sometimes doesn’t revolve around sitting in the couch and play but get active as well. If you are a gamer and want to get fit get Just Dance, Wii U Fit and other Fitness games. I think everyone wants to be in a healthy lifestyle don’t you agree.

Source: Ncbi


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