CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast – Heaven Or Death Indie

A maiden that experienced death.

CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~ is a supernatural mystery indie visual novel  game developed and published by roseVeRte. The story of this game is has a present and past, the present is   One day she wakes up and finds herself in front of a weird café. Noir, the waiter, tells her that she has already died, but failed to go to the heaven and, as a lost spirit, she ended up at the entrance to Café 0 and the past is  Sophie Evans works as a midwife, she is a cheerful woman and everybody likes her and what is her relation to the missing incident 15 years ago?

The gameplay is you need to decide what Corliss will do from the second day onwards, Corliss has options clean the villa , buy go outside to buy groceries and etc.Each action will give you a hint which will be used to determine the past story that Corliss will see within her dream and there are 5 routes in this game. If you are streaming this game you can only LP Nathan’s routes only (choose to clean the villa) and insert your original content, such as voice to the video. Simply playing and recording is not allowed. I don;t know why not let big YouTubers and Twitch streamer promote their game and make people want to download it. Note: You don’t need to play CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ to understand the story. The soundtack is done by Seycara Orchestra.and the graphics are beautifully hand drawn . The voice actors are all Japanese no english dub sorry If you are a fan of Supernatural visual novel download this game on steam.

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