Blue Dragon Coming to Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

Fight with your Shadow


Microsoft’s Phil Spencer confirmed on Twitter on August 4, 2016 that Xbox One owners would be able to play Blue Dragon thanks to the system’s backwards compatibility feature.  Xbox Spain’s Lidia Pitzalis  confirmed  the JRPG to be playable  on Twitter. Note that not alot of JRPGs are coming to Xbox due to the  Japanese market and low sales.  Blue Dragon is one of the luck ones that made it to Xbox next to Lost Odyssey.

If you don’t know what Blue Dragon is let me tell you, This series revolves about a group of young heroes with Shadows (that takes form of a animal) to confront Nene and the Grand Kingdom from taking over the world. The game is developed by two companies  Mistwalker and Artoon than published by Microsoft Game Studios. There are writer, composer and  character designs are done by Akira Toriyama (DBZ, Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger) and Hironobu Sakaguchi (creator of the Final Fantasy Series) and legendary Nobuo Uematsu. The gameplay is just like a Final Fantasy game you use magic (black or whit), attack, formation, use items and explore worlds. If you are a Akira Toriyama fan and like a games like Final Fantasy this is the game for you. Make sure you get it when it goes out on Xbox One. Blue Dragon is available now on Xbox 360 and  watch the anime.

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