Blogger Gotta Push To The Limit and Taking Steps

It’s a brand new year for this blog


Happy New Year everyone and it’s 2017! Now it’s time to be on the path of being a full-time blogger and achieve my goal. I will be doing the same old post on indie games, reivews on the games I have played, news on the gaming industry and vlogs. In this year, I am open for interviews with any blogger anime, food, gaming, lifestyle and etc. Note: if you have Google Plus (for Google Hangout), Discord and Skype. I can also put the interviews on my YouTube channel (spread the word about it) and in this post.  I will do award post ( I don’t know how it’s work) and give shout outs to a blogger who I think deserve it.

I will do Affiliate marketing for retail, gaming products and sponsorship in year hopefully. I am thinking about merchandise from Spreadshirts, Business Cards for promoting and etc. I am also working on making con appears and opening a panel for Blogger, Twitch and YouTube who wants to start building a platform. As for donation I am sticking with PayPal and I am considering Patreon but I don’t like it. You can support the Blog, YouTube, Twitch and Charity Events. Speaking of giving back to the community I am plan on doing that as well  instead of posting. As Dr.King always say “I have a dream” well this years is the way to accomplish that dream but I don’t know I might successful at  it. I want to think positive not negative and don’t let anyone tell you can’t do it and dictate your life. We live in a day in age that you can be self-employed and  do whatever you want to do in life. That’s pretty much the plan for this year and I hope to not only grow the blog but my YouTube and Twitch.

Author: anjimplays

I am a blogger, Twitch and YouTuber and have a goal to be self employed