Blogger Gotta Push To The Limit and Taking Steps

It’s a brand new year for this blog


Goal of 2017

Happy New Year everyone and it’s 2017! Now it’s time to be on the path of being a full-time blogger and achieve my goal. I will be doing the same old post on indie games, reivews on the games I have played, news on the gaming industry and vlogs. In this year, I am open for interviews with any blogger anime, food, gaming, lifestyle and etc. Note: if you have Google Plus (for Google Hangout), Discord and Skype. I can also put the interviews on my YouTube channel  and in this post. Probably will do award post ( I don’t know how it’s work) and give shout outs to a blogger who I think deserve it.

I will do Affiliate marketing for retail, gaming products and sponsorship in year hopefully. Thinking about merchandise from Spreadshirts, Business Cards for promoting and etc. Working on making con appears and opening a panel . For Blogger, Twitch and YouTube who wants to start building a platform. As for donation I am sticking with PayPal and I am considering Patreon but I don’t like it.

You can support the Blog, YouTube, Twitch and Charity Events. Speaking of giving back to the community I am plan on doing that as well  instead of posting. As Dr.King always say “I have a dream” well this years is the way to accomplish that dream but I don’t know I might successful at  it. I want to think positive not negative and don’t let anyone tell you can’t do it and dictate your life. We live in a day in age that you can be self-employed and  do whatever you want to do in life. That’s pretty much the plan for this year and I hope to not only grow the blog but my YouTube and Twitch.

Author: anjimplays

I am a blogger, Twitch and YouTuber and have a goal to be self employed