Blizzard and NetEase Sues China Developer for Overwatch Rip-off

Another Overwatch ripoff

Oh boy another video game company wants to rip-off Overwatch. Heroes of Warfare from the screenshots it looks similar. Blizzard China and NetEase sucing chinese for violates intellectual property’s unfair competition law. For example, the interface doesn’t look like Overwatch. Take a look, you see icons such as mail, friend, trophies and three games modes. On the main title screen, you see the hero posing like Overwatch.  You see there is a difference between the two games. Heroes of Warfare is on a mobile device. Overwatch is for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Blizzard and NetEase want an apology and have Heroes of Warfare to be taken down from App Store.

Let’s go back to character designs and about the game.  Look at the image above and do you see any Overwatch look alikes? There is a woman in purple resembles Windowmaker. Lady in yellow has a hair of Mercy from Overwatch. Character designs are different but gameplay wise, it’s just too similar.

Heroes of Warfare hub is very similar to Overwatch. The font is bigger in Heroes and smaller in Overwatch. First Heroes of Warfare image below shows touch screen functionality on the heroes abilities. Overwatch you have a mouse, keyboard and controller for abilities. Heroes of Warfare game hub alignment is all over the place. Overwatch game hub is cluttered like Heroes of Warfare.

Victory screen is a clone of Overwatch there is no debate about it.  Overwatch result font is smaller and leave game is up top. Heroes of Warfare results is larger with cluttered names.  Leave game is on the bottom of the screen. Gameplay of Heroes of Warfare is slower then Overwatch (See below).

In general video game developers tend to rip-off one other. Game designers tried not to copy a already existed game. Being influence and making your own game is the way to go. China maker better learn a lesson from this. Character design does work but make it you own game not no one else.

Source: Kotaku

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