Blizzard Bans Popular Twitch Streamer P4wnyhof From Hearthstone

A cheater in his finest


As you read the title popular Twitch Streamer P4wnyhof  has been bad from From Hearthstone Global Games. As you may not heard of  P4wnyhof, he streams (mostly 8+ hours on 08:00 – 16:00 CET Mondays – Fridays) Heartstone or other games and a Twitch partner ( I am hoping to get their one day)  with over 234,634 followers.  Now he in hot water now, the story is P4wnyhof  was involved in a tournament  and was a apart of a time called Planetkey Dynamics who his team a low and accurate score due to working as a admin. It was a tied between Planetkey Dynamics and  Team vVv, due to forfeits from team members Cloud 9 received +1 individual series and +2 map points. P4wnyhof would later admit to GosuGamers staff that there’s error in scoring and stated that “vVv shouldn’t have been allowed to play their Week 14 match against Cloud 9 at all”. Although,  admin Mats “P4wnyhof” Kathage is an official member of Pk and was helping his team defeat Eeriness in Week 8 and Innovation in Week 9. Pretty much he was working behind the scene and making his team cheat to win.



There is another controversial situation that he use viewbotting to get more viewers on Twitch but it’s was not proving,   CompLexity’s Jan “SuperJJ” Janssen and Sweden’s Sebastian “Forsen” Fors wanted to forfeit his spot if  P4wnyhof  is voted in but  P4wnyhof was named represent Germany in the Global Games. Blizzard announced that disqualify  P4wnyhof for his role in the 2014 Gentlemen Cup after this  P4wnyhof made a homophobic remarks towards Thomas “Sintolol” Zimmer who was also disqualify.


Mats P4wnyhof took to twitter for his response to his disqualification


Blizzard found a replacement for P4wnyhof  named Jan Janssen he took to Twitter and was very happy.


As for P4wnyhof it didn’t phase him at all and will continue to stream Heartstone because he already have a huge  following on Twitch and doesn’t need to be in no tournament. This was a un-sportsmen like conduct and working as a admin and as a team member to earn undeserved points.

Source: GosuGamers


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