Black Friday – A Day of Discounts and Fighting Over Prices

Go out or Stay inside


It’s that time again “Black Friday” a day that’s some people are looking forward to. This is another way of saying its “cheap day” for items such as electronics, toys, furniture, clothes and etc. If you can’t buy this at an original retail price you can get 50% off and lower price to fit your wallet. A storm is coming, I feel sorry for all of those people who work at Target, Best Buy, Walmart and other retail outlets who endure this. People waiting in line until the store opens, sometimes they’ve tents, chairs and sleeping bags to show dedicated they’re. Once those doors you will a Lion King stampede of people getting their hands on the latest prices for Christmas or for themselves. Some of push each other, breaking windows and other crazy things it’s like total chaos I am telling you.


That’s why people shop online which is safer and all the FedEx and UPS workers got their hands full this holiday season. I don’t want to participate in Black Friday I will like to work my 8 hours and buy games on PSN or Steam (I really need more PC games right now). People argued Black Friday is the worst tradition in America and there is nothing wrong with buying cheap things but don’t fight over it like little children. That’s why you have to shop smart and don’t fall into that trap of Black Friday, especially those commercial where they keep plastering on TV to get you to go and buy something. Everyone love discounts I do and to save money, will you attend Black Friday?

Author: anjimplays

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  • Well, I live in Holland, so Black Friday doesn’t really happen here. I always find it amazing that people stand in line and almost kill each other in order to obtain an object at a discount lol. If there would be something like Black Friday here, I would remain at home and watch a movie or something. Way more safe 😂

    • I agree stand home