Awesome Con 2017 – Excelsior Experience

What do I experience at Awesome Con 2017?

Awesome Con 2017 was a great last Father’s Day weekend. All I can say about the excelsior experience. That how I rate my time at Awesome Con 2017. I purchase the 3-Day Geekend pass to come on Friday through Sunday. On Friday I play some Indies at the indie circle because this is the first time Indies ever came to Awesome Con. Check out the Indies of the Weekend: Awesome Con Edition to see what games I have played. I when to some panels such as popanimecomics’s director who are not Miyazuki, Phil Lamarr (Samurai Jack and Futurama) Q&A, Christopher Sabat and Sean Schemmel (Goku & Vegeta). After the con I when to Green Turtle and got some food. On Saturday, I took some pictures of some cosplayers, buy some great stuff and got to play some more games. The panels I saw was Nolan North (Deadpool & Uncharted) and he spoiled Young Justice Season 3 (why Nolan you are so in trouble) and take about Deadpool.

The game room has arcades such as Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Pac-man, Mortal Kombat 3 and many more. Way to keep up with otaku gaming culture retro and present consoles. I miss David Tennant due to the long line to get into Awesome Con. Finally, Sunday was a great day because of Stan Lee and Father’s Day. I woke up early to get in line for Stan Lee and I finally get to see “That Man”. After I saw Kei Mitchell (All That & Good Burger) and my 90s childhood was revived. Afterwards I was at the last panel Samurai Jack live comic read. I have to say Phil Lamarr did a great job impersonate Mako’s Aku.  All I have to say this was better than last year’s Awesome Con. I hope Awesome Con 2018 will be bigger than this year.

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