Atlas Reactor – Turn-Based Freelancer PVP Review

What is Atlas Reactor?

Atlas Reactor is a turn-based player vs player game developed by Trion Worlds. In this game, you talk control of Freelancers who earn trusts to maintain control of Atlas Reactor. Trion Worlds’s lead designer Will Cook took inspiration from XCOM: Enemy Unknown, League of Legends and Warhammer 40,000. Their business model for playing as Freelancers is there are available for once per week. Afterwards, they will be locked and can be purchase with in-game currency or buy them at Steam.

The backstory of the game is Atlas is a megacity populated with humans, hybrids, and robots controlled by powerful 6 Trusts. Omni Trust are seeking to reclaim the glory of the “Immortal age”. Evos focus on genetic superiority and zoological diversity. Warbotics creates and employs war machines in the forms of robotic suits as well as fully mechanized warriors. Helio Corps became heroes and volunteered to head a new trust. Helio United want to bring stability to atlas, Evos and Onmi with a new form of trust. Hyberbotics are successors of a fallen trust and continue to improve to prevent another downfall.

What the game offers?

The game features different types of freelancers with unique abilities. The goal of the game is 4 vs 4 and you have 20 turns to coordinate. There are four phases, Prep is to set traps, heal and protect yourself from attacks. Move phase is to move at any space on the map. Blast phase is attacking with any freelancer’s ability. Finally, Dash phase is to dodge all attack and also move. There is catalyst to strengthen your skills in battle. The team with 5 kills wins to match. When winning a match you can earn money, loot and cosmetics (skins, logos and more). Seasons are missions you can complete while in-game which you look animated sprites and more. There are game modes such as tutorial (if you want to learn the ropes), versus bots, PVP and many more. If you want a chess-like turn-based game, make sure you buy this game on Steam it’s free-to-play.

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