Are You Spending Too Much Money On Gaming Hardware and Titles?

Are spending too much money for gaming?


As a gamer you want to get the most cutting edge tech and the last AAA Titles for the new gen systems. Based on the statistic by New Consoles Revive the Ailing Gaming Industry sales on hardware when up $314 million in July 2010 and in the July 2013 sales drop $99 million. As for software in July 2010 sales when up to $403 million and July 2013 sales when down on July 2013 does it mean the later years sales on hardware and software goes down as well. There is another chart that PC and console games growth based on Video Games Revenue. In 2011 there is a spike for console gaming sales by $25 and in 2015 PC gaming sales when up between $20-25. As for sales dropping there is none in console gaming but in 2008, PC gaming drop between $15 and $10. Are we spending more on hardware or software it could be debate ever way, there is a concept for gaming hardware and software where you can get discounts on computer equipment called Cyber Monday. It’s a day that you shop online for discounts. People think it’s a day about buying computers hardware and other form of Technology but that’s not the case. You buy other products such as things such as toys, videos games, clothes and etc.



As for buying tech and software, you have a preference on what tech suit your taste. For example you have the latest HD graphics through 4K, frame rate of 30-60, crystal clear audio and many more for you tech. You want to buy the top of the line products. There are brands such as Razer, Logitech, Samsung, Alienware, Mad Catz and many more. I did a buyer’s guide post last year and mostly gamer buy gaming chairs, Blue Yeti or Blue Snowball Mic, gaming headset for live streaming and talking trash during online gaming. I am not a tech person but I want the most high quality products up to date. When buying tech you should wait and watch a review of the product before you buy. That why you can experience it yourself or save your money for something else. Video Games can fall into that category depending what do you want, for example you have colorful graphics, replay value, multiplayer, story-driven and more. There is a higher demand on these gaming products and also smartphones and tablets as well. There are retailers that sell these products such as Target, Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart and more, do they do well online or offline. Do you think you buying too much gaming products and software? What about paying buying montage, bills and food do technology provide you that? My advice is that wait for the right moment to buy and save your money, don’t spend too much tech that you don’t need.

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