Are Video Games Getting Too Violent for Gamers?

Is it okay to play violent video games?

What is going on in violence video games?

A lot of people can debate this and blame video games for violence behavior of an individual. Who has a controller in this hand and have physiological problem. For example, a bank robbery and that person plays Grand theft Auto will be blame for it? What about getting into a fist fight with someone and intended to kill someone. That person plays Mortal Kombat will that person be blame for it. To be honesty I have people link video games into crime because gaming doesn’t make criminal and it’s the person mental capacity and how the gamer handles society. Of course, violence in video games make the game feel awesome and it’s fictional but don’t try it in a non-fictional world because you will go to jail.

How to keep kids from buying violence video games?

There is a study out of the American Psychosocial Association called Video Games Causes Aggression. They stated to key things increased parental control. No single risk factor consistently leads a person to act aggressively or violently. Which mean that parents should buy children under 16 violent video games that what the Entertainment Software Rating Board is for. For example, A game that’s rated T for Teen which is the content is for ages 13 and up, rated M for mature is 17 and up and E for everyone is for all ages.

Be careful what you buy for younger children but there are enforced my retail, they tell you to show I.D. if you want to buy 18+ game. If not they can’t sell it to you but people can order them online and get away with it. There is another study that video game cause depression which affect children which links to history of being bullied, emotional issues, education and others. Myself I been bullied and I play video games to escaped the outside world. Do you think violence video games will be banned no I don’t think so. Do people enjoy playing them? Yes because it’s fictional and they can’t do it in real life. What do you think of this issues?

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