Are Console Wars Worth A Flame War?

Console Wars Xbox One And PlayStation 4

Through the years there are new systems is going to break throughout history. As for the video game industry, it’s pretty common that video game console meet  the consumers expectations . Especially  specs such as better graphics, Blu-ray, hardware space for storage , apps and etc.  What about the games that people want to play? Are they exclusive to the system and do you regret buying that system just for that game? These are called console wars, which fanboys come together and debate on which consoles are better. For, example Xbox One ( Microsoft pride and joy console) which is integrated with Windows 10 such as buy apps, watch Sports, check your Hotmail, Skype your fellow players, friends or family.

Why Console War?

In E3 2016, Microsoft announced Xbox community (which PS4 already have) and Anywhere ( which you can play Xbox games on PC even if you don’t have a system which is awesome.  Next, up PlayStation 4 ( Sony’s console) I own this console and it’s pretty different than Xbox. PS4 can play DVD, live stream ( record your gameplay but it got restrictions and put on a show), Party chat ( you and your friends can play together. If you have the same game). apps ( of course) and etc. As of now Sony announced PS4 Pro (the image you see below) but this won’t include Blu-ray drive so I won’t not get this.

Lastly, Nintendo Wii U (Nintendo’s console) note this is not for hardcore gamers this is family friendly console. There are rumors that they will  not produce anymore Wii U and make way for a new console NX. The feature on the Wii-U is minimum because it revolve around the gamepad such as motion control, amiibo and, Mii . Also these three game console have stores which you can buy movies, games and etc. Which of these consoles that people will go for? These console are very pricey and expensive but the price will go down. I see Xbox One and PS4 are the main competitors in the industry as of now. What will be the future of console wars? Will both fans of these console come together and say ” I think both consoles are good” instead of looking down one another.  I am making a video about this and attach it to these post and make sure to follow my gaming channel “anjim plays”.

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