About Anjim Plays’s Blog

Hello there this is Anjim Plays ( I will not use my real name yet) and I am aspirating enterprise, gamer and otaku. I also like nerd fandom and hard worker went it comes to building my brand. Right now I am working at a full-time job for the government and growing my brand on the side. Check out my YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and many more social media links on the home page. What inspired me to create this blog is I am passionate about video games. I look at sites like Kotaku, IGN, Gamespot and Polygon  and think I could create a  website like them.  My goal is to blogging full time and become a Entrepreneur.  One day I have to grow a following in order to do  that.

I am willing to network and work with other bloggers and brands. My blog post is whatever is on my minds about video games.  I cover news, review, hints and event on what is coming on with the blog.  If you have any question for me, you can reach me on Discord, Twitter, Facebook or contact page. Help me accomplish my dream and Anjim plays brand will help people in the future.